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At Capital Structures, we take pride in our customers' projects.

Our customers benefit from over 45 years of combined design experience in the manufactured component industry. We take great care to understand the needs of each customer individually. Whether purchasing roof trusses, floor trusses, engineered lumber products, or any combination thereof, our customers can rest assured that they are receiving the most efficient and cost effective component system, and that it is specifically designed to suit their construction project.
We have a team of knowledgeable field representatives.
And every one of them is ready to ensure that the construction process remains positive, not only through design, but also through the jobsite construction phase. Our field technicians maintain the cleanest, most well constructed jobsites in our industry. Our goal is to reduce site construction time for our customer while increasing structural integrity and the effective use of materials.
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Contact us about receiving a quote on any of the services we provide. We design and manufacture roof trusses, floor trusses and we offer installation services for all of our manufactured products. We also offer the "Shell Frame Construction" package, which includes all of the rough carpentry materials and labor for your project bundled into one easy to manage package.

Most Americans love the memories of old muscle cars, drive-in movies, carhop burgers and shakes, and gas prices less than $1 per gallon, but times have changed! In today’s society, people buy fuel efficient cars, rent movies from home, drive thru fast food joints, and pay nearly $4 per gallon.

Technology has changed our way of life in every aspect. So ask yourself: why do we still build our projects the same way as our ancestors? Drive through a historic housing district and then drive through your neighborhood; home construction is evolving like everything else.

At Capital Structures, we can take your designs or even ideas and create a cost effective product that will adhere to current codes with our Component Technology. Creating your designs in our programs and reviewing them with our engineering partners, Capital can produce “value engineering” designs of your project. With these designs, roof trusses and floor trusses that will optimize material usage and ultimately save you money while building a better product for you.

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Capital Structures component wood trusses, joints and wall units do not use large old-growth trees.  Our custom shell frame designs significantly reduce lumber waste during fabrication and on the job-site.  We are a LEEDS (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) supplier.

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