Where would my building project be without Plans and Specifications?

This is the question you should ask if you know what you want to build and how much you can spend. Without these two items; your project will not turn out 100% how you pictured and you will have spent more than budgeted. Plans and specifications are the single most important aspect of a project’s cost.

Capital Structures has partnered with structural engineers to develop a method of producing plans that are well thought out from Roof to Concrete. We are able to review the architectural drawings and design the wood structure to suit those architectural requirements. With our component designs complete, our structural engineer is able to complete the process of design by developing sheer walls and foundation systems for project specific load conditions. These paths of design reduce “over engineering” by creating “value engineering” from the beginning of the project.

This method of structural engineering creates industry approved design work that can be used by everyone. Our structural engineer partners design projects out of wood everyday; they know how to produce a cost efficient product.



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