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A recent quote by our customers: 

"these guys at Capital are VERY good and I have a lot of faith in their work.  Real team players!!"


Cedar Crest Daycare Center Project in Fayetteville, AR

Wood Trusses and Framing Labor provided by Capital Structures on a 15,000 Sqft Daycare Center in Fayetteville, AR


Roof Completed on Turnkey Framing Project

This project is a 4 story Senior Living Facility that combined the use of Exterior Steel Wall Panels, Interior Wood Walls, Wood Floor, and Roof Trusses. All the Wood Components of this project were supplied and installed by Capital Structures.

Glu-Lam Beam Trusses project in Greenwood, AR

Capital Structures Framing team setting Glu-Lam Beam trusses at Bell Park in Greenwood, AR

Capital Structrues Framing Team

Capital Structures framing team on a Habitat for Humanity job in Charlotte, NC. BCMC Build

Roof Trusses on Church in Huntsville, AR

Crane swings 60' roof trusses by Capital Structures on church in Huntsville, AR

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